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    • Beste Marc
      De uitleg van het paswoord staat in onze maandelijkse nieuwsbrief
      U mag me ook emailen danielle.verbueken@uantwerpen.be
    • ooO(PETER)Ooo Premium user Australia (Private)
      6 years 8 months ago
      Gidday mate,

      With regards the blog and downloading your originals, I just left this post:

      Sorry mate, it worked for me. It took 24 hours or so after I paid the $30 before I could do it though, but I guess you've already waited that long. Are you used to FTP, and sure you had all your FTP settings right?

      • 6 years 8 months ago
        I tried again at my account Irisbe and this time it is working.oeff after many days of trying and not succeeding.
        For this account I also might have to wait a couple of days before it really gets activated I guess.
        I was almost giving up hope!
      • 6 years 8 months ago
        Peter I have paid immediately 50 USdollar on my Irisbe account.
        I have used ftp in the past
        then it was ftp.fotki.com
        you had to fill in your user name and your password
        chosing "extra" you could have your page in a window environment...worked fine in the past.
        well... doesn't work anymore, not at the office, not at home.
        the box with member name and password is keeping popping up or the page just gives error.
        I am really getting tired of all this. Writing to Dimitry of customer help doesn't help. It seems Dimitri only reacts is someone is unpollite at the FB forum.
        I got 4 accounts to clean up.
        I just paid for this one another 50 USdollar although I paid till 2015.
        But seriously... when I am done with getting the missing back-ups (I do have some unreadable cd's), I will look for another place to move my pictures.
        I wouldn't have mind to pay more, if reasonable and if it were a fixed price and if that would have been when renewing my membership... I do object being called an abuser by Dimitri having over 100 GB. I got a high score of visitors. I am with my accounts always among the 3 first of my country... I never abused the free membersip prices for the contests. I always left my pictures free to share. I feel really betrayed by FOTKI and Dimitri has no notice about diplomacy. I have the impression that the more he gets into deffense, the more bold he gets.
        I understand he is under pressure, but so are we and so am I.
        But thanks anyway for trying to help me out.
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